The Connecticut Corpse Caper

The Connecticut Corpse Caper Summary

A week-long stay in a creepy Connecticut mansion is replete with hidden passageways, disappearing corpses, and quirky inheritance recipients.  And if that’s not enough to make for hair-raising moments on the secluded, storm-bound estate, how about a ghost named Fred?

The stipulation in the will of Jill-Jocasta Fonne’s aunt reads: if a guest leaves early, his or her share will be divided among those remaining.  The first one to leave - permanently - dies just hours after arriving.

Soon, people start dropping like flies. Donning amateur sleuth caps, Jill and her associates, Rey and Linda, attempt to solve the mystifying murders. Others jump in, and the bumbling and stumbling - and mayhem - begin.

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i luv reading

The Connecticut corpse Caper5 star

Extremely well written. Complicated and well thought out plot lines, the wild twist at the end. Well fleshed out characters, for as long as they lasted.55


I wanted to like this, I really did3 star

This book started out well enough. The lead couple were quite likable, the setting was spooky enough, the cast of suspects well chosen and the mystery was interesting. Then it just got so convoluted and started to ramble. I feel the story could have been shorter and tighter. About 3/4 through the author basically ignores the one lead character like they no longer exist and switches to another co-lead midstream. What happened? By the end of the book this ignored character is obviously not in the next book and the setting in the next books in this series has changed location from New England to Hawaii? I feel like it went from an enjoyable, whimsical Nick and Nora Charles mystery feel to a 3 Stooges solve a mystery feel. (And the Stooges reference is the author’s words not mine). Maybe the other books in this series will be better but I’m not sure I even care to find out at this point.35

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