Watching (The Making of Riley Paige—Book 1)

Watching (The Making of Riley Paige—Book 1) Summary

“A masterpiece of thriller and mystery! The author did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side that is so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. The plot is very intelligent and will keep you entertained throughout the book. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.” 
--Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone) 

WATCHING (The Making of Riley Paige—Book One) is book #1 in a new psychological thriller series by #1 bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose  free bestseller Once Gone (Book #1) has received over 1,000 five star reviews. 

22 year old psychology major—and aspiring FBI agent—Riley Paige finds herself in a battle for her life as her closest friends on campus are abducted and killed by a serial killer. She senses that she, too, is being targeted—and that if she is to survive, she must apply her brilliant mind to stop the killer herself.

When the FBI hits a dead end, they are impressed enough by Riley’s keen insight into the killer’s mind to allow her to help. Yet the killer’s mind is a dark, twisted place, one too diabolical to make sense of, and one that threatens to bring Riley’s fragile psyche crashing down. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, can Riley survive unscarred?

It is also a standalone series, and you do not need to have read the Riley Paige series to jump into this series--which starts at the beginning!

An action-packed thriller with heart-pounding suspense, WATCHING is book #1 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night. It takes readers back 20 plus years—to how Riley’s career began—and is the perfect complement to the ONCE GONE series (A Riley Paige Mystery), which includes 16 books and counting. .

WAITING (The Making of Riley Paige—Book 2) is also now available!

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perfect ending!5 star

This book really kept me on the edge of my seat really wondering who the killer was. I didn’t see the end coming and i love that most about this book! I can’t wait to read the next one!55

very dumb person


If you like mystery,this is a book for you, you will never guess who did it!!!! I didn’t till near the end!55


Watching5 star

Oooooh noooo!!! How did I guess the killer waaaay too early in this book? Then I was off and on with him. At the ending events, I was right on. He was just too dang nice I guess. Glad Riley was saved by FBI Agent. We need more of her, and thankfully we are getting it. Great suspense.55


Fascinating Mystery *Spoilers*3 star

The book overall was thrilling and suspenseful but that tends to be broken when the characters don’t have the right names. At one point right after the first murder there was a point where it was “Rhea said” in an active conversation and my first thought was ‘wait is this supposed to be a ghost story?’ Then for a MAJORITY of the book the main characters name isn’t Riley Paige, it’s Riley Sweeney, and the the supposed to be love interest was Ryan Paige. It was a running joke that Riley wouldn’t remember him or his name. Riley’s brief stint with drinking too much after Trudys murder didn’t make sense. She only drank wine before this, why that drink? Why did she start drinking out of depression only now? I hope these errors can maybe be edited and fixed one day because then it would be an amazing read.35

Clark Dena

Usually they4 star

Annoying when people say45

reads avisly

Love this author5 star

I’ve read the other Riley Paige books and this one didn’t disappoint Worth the read55


Watching5 star



Amazing page turner!!4 star

I loved everything about this book. I normally read a chapter a day but instead I would binge read this book into the night! Sure there are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes but you can still understand what’s going on. I highly recommend this book if you are into mystery/thriller books.45


Okay?2 star

I’ve read the Riley Paige series, need something to do at work, but the grammatical errors are annoying. At some point the wrong characters name was used for an entire convo sequence. Who proofreads for you dude?25


Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved it I couldn’t put it down55

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